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General Radiology Student Clerkship

Diagnostic Radiology
Course #: CLNS 883
Credit: Elective: Clinical
Duration: 4 weeks
Students per Rotation: 6 maximum, 2 minimum
Contact: Jesse Hernandez, 505-272-2119,
Faculty Evaluator(s): Lisa Blacklock, MD
Prerequisite(s): n/a

Goals and Unique Aspects
Acquaint student with multiple imaging modalities guided by subspecialized faculty.

Know proper sequencing of radiologic imaging modalities to achieve better patient care while containing costs.

Observational: Observe performance of Special, Interventional, GI, and GU procedures. Attend clinical film reading sessions including Radiographs, MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine studies.
Clinical: No night/weekend call.
Optional: Opportunity to dictate radiology studies and/or perform procedures under supervision of attending radiologist.
Research: n/a
Teaching: n/a
Required: n/a

Supervision and Teaching
Amount and Type: Daily.
Didactic Content: Lectures, seminars, observing procedures and description by faculty. Film reading, clinical sessions.

Evaluation is based on the following criteria: written quiz, activity log, participation and attendance.

Additional Information
Stress didactic orientation in academic setting covering all imaging modalities and subspecialties.
CLNS 883 Library course reserve materials.
CLNS 883 Student Handbook