Department of Radiology

MSC 10 5530
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Reginald Heber Fitz Hall

Phone: 505-272-3779
Fax: 505-272-5821

Radiology Research Support

Providing radiology and image processing services to researchers, and
assisting internal and external investigators with efficient protocol submission and protocol review.

General Research Assistance

Grant information; index numbers; guarantor numbers; COI; FCOI; Human Imaging Research Core (HIRC) services and Referral Billing Questionnaires.

IRB Submission Assistance

Tabitha Kirkendall, IRB Submission determination; necessary IRB forms provided; Click IRB assistance; PI proxy services; study team training information; and study coordination services.

Protocol Review

Krista Russell, Assistance with modality protocol development; HIRC budget estimates and MOUs; Clinical Trials

Image Processing and Analysis, 3D Printing

The Radiology Image Processing Lab (RIPL) is the core of our research facility. Our goal is facilitating translational research through the provision of state-of-the-art image processing tools for the intramural community. The laboratory is focused on quantitative image analysis and 3D printing for both preclinical and clinical research applications.  Services include:

Image co-registration, parametric mapping (T1, T2, ADC, PET), volumetry and morphometry, DCE MRI analysis, segmentation and 3D printing.

Colin Wilson, Director, Radiology Image Processing Lab

Data Requests 

RuthAnne Bump, Honest Broker