Research and Quality Improvement Projects

As part of the current ACGME Diagnostic Radiology Program Requirements, all radiology residents must undertake a scholarly project and a quality improvement project.

Residents are guided in their choice of and progress on scholarly activities by our radiology department research committee.  Residents have undertaken a broad spectrum of projects, including book chapters, scientific and educational exhibits at major radiology meetings, and publications of primary research and case reports.

Each resident presents his/her work at our annual Radiology Research Day, with the projects judged best receiving recognition and monetary awards.  Residents who have projects accepted for presentation at national or regional meetings receive financial assistance from the department to attend the conference.

In addition, each resident undertakes a solo or group quality improvement project, typically relating to the residency or the department.  Upon completion, these projects are presented at the monthly Radiology Department Quality meeting.

Recent Resident Research Day award winners:

Resident Research Title
Mark Epstein, MD Pediatric PET/CT Radiation Dose and Cancer Risk at UNMH 2005-2015 1st Place Oral Presentation 2018
Matthew Geter, MD CT and Esophagram for Suspected Perforated Mediastinal Viscus; Better Together 2nd Place Oral Presentation 2018
Shravan Sridhar, MD Mischievous Masses in the Abdomen and Pelvis: Pearls and Pitfalls in Differentiating Benign from Malignant 1st Place Poster Exhibit 2018
Matthew Bean,MD Endovascular Treatment of a Congenital Arteriovenous Malformation 2nd Place Poster Exhibit 2018
Robert Blakely, MD Preoperative assessment of the hearing implant candidate 1st Place Electronic Exhibit 2017
Juliana Starcevich, MD MRI Sequence Sensitivity for the Detection of Spinal Cavernous Malformations 1st Place 2016
Ryan LeBaron, MD The Diagnostic Yield of Percutaneous Skeletal Biopsy for Infection with Pre-procedure
Antibiotic Usage, An Internal Review
2nd Place 2016
Martha Terrazas, MD Perforated intrathoracic viscus-are two tests better than one? 1st Place 2015
Jared Burlison, MD, PhD SPECT/CT Localization of Oral Radioactive Activity After Thyroid Cancer Therapy:
A Retrospective Study and In Vitro Assessment
2nd Place 2015

Joseph Hunt, MD, PhD

Absence of hematuria as a negative predictor
for ureteral calculi
1st Place 2014
Michael Golden, MD White matter hyperintensities: increased
incidence in patients with familial cavernous
2nd Place 2014
Ryan LeBaron, MD A Detailed Ballistics Study of the Winchester Supreme Elite® PDXI Ammunition 1st Place 2013
Wendell Wilmoth, MD

Efficacy of Knee MRI in the Emergency Room versus Outpatient Setting

2nd Place 2013
Lizzy Young, MD

Breast Manifestations of Systemic Disease

1st Place 2012
Matthew Clower, MD

Breast dose during clinical CT: a novel postmortem model

2nd Place 2012