Away Rotations

Our program allows 4th year medical students to complete away rotations. Our rotations include:

Diagnostic Radiology CLNS 883
The clerkship will acquaint student with multiple imaging modalities guided by subspecialized faculty. The clerkship will also give students a basic understanding of proper sequencing of radiologic imaging modalities to achieve better patient care while  limiting radiation exposure and containing cost. Rotations within the imaging modalities are structured according to the student's desired field of medicine/residency.

Neuroradiology CLNS 882
In-depth exposure to neuroradiology, including clinical applications of brain and spine adult imaging, pediatric neuroimaging, and head and neck (ENT and ophthalmologic) disorders. Also provides the opportunity to pursue investigation into specific topics, either collaborative research with a faculty member in the Department of Radiology or case report and literature review.

Musculoskeletal Radiology CLNS 887
The clerkship will include in-depth exposure to Musculoskeletal (MSK) Radiology, including sports imaging, orthopedic oncology and MSK trauma.  The rotation also provides the opportunity to perform minor procedures including joint injection and aspirations as well as minor spine procedures.

All applications must be submitted through the VSAS system.  We are not able to accept applications from International Visiting Students at this time.

Students from other medical schools who are applying to radiology residency and interested in away rotations in our department should contact us directly at for assistance.   We can tailor your experience to your particular interests, and we can provide you voice dictation access so that you can dictate studies while you are with us, providing an experience akin to a resident in our program.  Applicants who are accepted to rotate with us will have a portion of their expenses reimbursed by our department.

Rebecca Panaccione
Medical Education Program Specialist