Diagnostic Radiology Residency Application Instructions

Step 1:  Minimum Application Requirements

Our minimum application requirements state that applicants must be:

  • a graduate of an LCME accredited American or Canadian medical school
  • a graduate of an AOA accredited osteopathic school in the United States
  • an international medical graduate with a valid ECFMG certificate
  • a U.S. citizen, resident with a valid work permit,
    or visitor with a J-1 visa
    All completed applications from qualified applicants will be reviewed.

Step 2:  Research Our Program

Please visit the Department of Radiology Web Site at, which contains in-depth details about our residency program, department, current residents and faculty, and the greater Albuquerque area.

Step 3:  Submit an ERAS Application

Please send us a completed application through the Electronic Residency Application Service of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Our ACGME ID is 4203421120.  We require a minimum of three Letters of Recommendation, a maximum of four.

Step 4:  Receive an Invitation for a Personal Interview

After review of the submitted applications, selected applicants are invited to visit our program and personally meet with members of our Resident Selection Committee, which is composed of both faculty, resident radiologists and our Program Coordinator.  Once you are invited for an interview, you may request an available interview date from our online interview calendar. Travel and lodging information is also provided on our web site.

Step 5:  Participate in "The Match"

Submit your Rank Order List to the National Residency Matching Program.