Department of Radiology

MSC 10 5530
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
UNM Hospital

Phone: 505-272-2269


Abbreviated Name  Chest, LD nodule
Indications  Follow up nodules in patients over40 yr old. Immuno-compromised patient
 with suspected infection and normal or near normal radiograph
Number of scan Acquisition/series  1
Scan Acquisition  1 Noncontrast
Range  Clavicular heads through both costophrenic angles
Care Dose 4D  On
Quality Reference  60 mAs
KV / Effective mAs / Rotation time  120 / 60 / 0.5 seconds
Detector Collimation  1.5 mm
Slice Thickness   2 mm
Pitch factor  1.3
Kernel (for initial reconstruction)  B30f
Increment  2 mm
Image order  Cranial - Caudal
Oral Contrast  None
 IV contrast  None
 Injection Rate  N/A
 Scan Delay  N/A
 (Series to send to PACS)
 Recon 3x3 B30f mediastinum medium smooth
 Recon 2x2 B80f lung ultrasharp
 Recon 2x1 B80f to 3D card coronal
 Reconstruction MIP 20 mm slab 3 mm increments