Department of Radiology

MSC 10 5530
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
UNM Hospital

Phone: 505-272-2269

2. ABDOMEN (r/o appy, abscess, diverticulitis......)

KV / effective mAs / rotation time  120 / 200 / 0.5 seconds
Detector collimation   1.5 mm
Slice Thickness  3.0 mm
Pitch  0.75
Kernel  B30f
Increment   3.0 mm
Image order  Cranial to caudad. Image from above diaphragm to greater trochanters.
 Single acquision.
Oral Contrast  INPATIENTS: 250cc’s of water mixed with 7cc of Gastroview = 1 dose.
    1 Dose given orally every ½ hour for two hours prior to exam
 OUTPATIENTS: 1 bottle of Redicat taken orally two hours before exam.
     bottle of Redicat given 45 minutes prior to exam.
     Last ½ of 2nd Redicat bottle given on the CT table.
Intravenous Contrast  100 cc Isovue 300 at 3 cc/sec.
 18 – 22 ga IV needed preferably in the AC.
Scan Delay  75 seconds
Reconstruction  Oral contrast on table. Second recon lung kernel.