Graduate Studies in Medical Physics

MSC01 1120
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Department of Nuclear Engineering

Phone: 505-277-5431
Fax: 505-277-5433

Medical Physics Research Projects

  • Digital Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging:  Loren Ketai M.D., Philip H. Heintz, Ph.D.
  • Forensic Medicine: Natalie Adolphi Ph.D., Gary Hatch M.D., Daniel Sandoval M.S.
  • Industrial Radiography: Philip Berry Ph.D., Philip H. Heintz Ph.D., Donna Siergiej Ph.D.
  • IMRT Optimization: Shaun Luan, Ph.D.
  • Treatment Planning Design: Philip H. Heintz, Ph.D., Shaun Luan, Ph.D.
  • Ultrasound Imaging: Michael Williamson MD, Philip H. Heintz, Ph.D., Daniel Sandoval M.S.
  • Diagnostic Radiology QA: Philip H. Heintz, Ph.D., Daniel Sandoval, M.S.
  • Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for Charged Particles and Photons: Adam Hecht, Ph.D., Shaun Luan, Ph.D.
  • Whole Body Animal Irradiation Biological Effects: Philip H. Heintz Ph.D., Daniel Sandoval M.S.

Research in both radiation oncology and diagnostic radiology benefit from the program’s presence in the clinical environment. The MR research group works at the UNM Mind Research Network in close collaboration with the physicians on new MR imaging and spectroscopy techniques.

Radiology Clinical Research Faculty

L.  Ketai, M.D.
Research project looking at the effects of various therapies on the inflammation of blood vessels of the lung.

G. Hatch M.D.
He is a forensic radiologist and spends much of his time working at the Center for Forensic Imaging within the State of New Mexico Office of Medical Investigator. He has two grants studying the use of imaging in forensic medicine.

Nuclear Engineering Faculty

Gary W. Cooper, Ph.D.
Radiation detection and measurements particularly as applied to the measurement of fusion plasmas and energetic particles generated in z-pinch plasmas.

Anil K. Prinja, Ph.D.
Mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulation of high energy charged particle transport using Monte Carlo and deterministic finite element methods; closure-and nonclosure-based approaches for particle transport in random media; fundamental transport theory.

Computer Science Faculty

Shaung (Sean) Luan, Ph.D.
Research interests include (1) computational medicine and biomedical engineering, (2) algorithms design, analysis and implementation, and (3) computational geometry. Computational medicine is an emerging and promising inter-disciplinary field and serves as a bridge between biology, medical physics and medical applications. Current research emphasizes on the design and development of efficient and effective computer algorithms and software for radiation oncology.