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Breast Imaging Fellowship

Our Breast Imaging departments, located at the University of New Mexico Hospital Outpatient Surgery and Imaging Service and the Sandoval Regional Medical Center, provide state-of-the-art breast imaging, including
multiple full-field mammography digital (FFDM) units with tomosynthesis, diagnostic breast ultrasound, breast interventional suites for vacuum-assisted stereotactic core biopsies on upright units at both locations (some with 3D biopsy capability), and outpatient surgical suites for breast surgical procedures. Additional breast procedures include ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration and core biopsies, galactography, and wire as well as our new SAVI SCOUT localization. 3T Breast MRI with MRI-guided core biopsy capability is performed at both sites, equipped with MRI computer-aided detection.  

Our screening and diagnostic volume, coupled with a wide breadth of pathology and abundant procedures, provides a robust educational experience. The educational program is directed by two fellowship-trained breast imaging faculty, along with additional mammography attending radiologists with many years of experience.  Fellow education at all sites will be augmented by formal lectures, review of landmark mammography papers, teaching at PACS work stations, hands-on ultrasound scanning, and conferences. The breast imaging fellow, supervised by faculty, will participate in several interdisciplinary and radiology conferences including breast tumor board.

For fellowship prerequisites and to apply visit our Applications Instructions page.  Our Breast Imaging Fellowship will be participating in the new Breast Imaging Match for the 2018 season.

Additional Breast Imaging Facutly

Craig     Damron     Elifritz   
     Karen Craig, MD             James Damron, MD           Jamie Elifritz, MD

Myers     Pohl     Young
  Matthew Myers, MD              Jennifer Pohl, MD                 Lizzy Young, MD

Should you be interested in additional information about the fellowship program, please contact us.

Dr. Jennifer Saline
Jennifer Saline, MD
Assistant Professor
Program Director
Breast Imaging Fellowship

H Medina
Hollie Medina, BA
Medical Education Program Specialist
(505) 272-0932