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MSC10 5530
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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UNM Hospital

Ms. Hollie Medina, BA
Medical Education Program Specialist
Phone: 505-272-0932
Fax: 505-272-5821

General Radiology Student Clerkship

Diagnostic Radiology
Course #: CLNS 883
Credit: Elective: Clinical
Duration: 4 weeks
Students per Rotation: 6 maximum, 2 minimum
Contact: Hollie Medina, 505-272-0932,
Faculty Evaluator(s): Lisa Blacklock, MD and Joe Hunt, MD, PhD
Prerequisite(s): n/a

Goals and Unique Aspects
Acquaint student with multiple imaging modalities guided by subspecialized faculty.

Know proper sequencing of radiologic imaging modalities to achieve better patient care while containing costs.

Observational: Observe performance of Special, Interventional, GI, and GU procedures. Attend clinical film reading sessions including Radiographs, MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine studies.
Clinical: No night/weekend call.
Optional: Opportunity to dictate radiology studies and/or perform procedures under supervision of attending radiologist.
Research: n/a
Teaching: n/a
Required: n/a

Supervision and Teaching
Amount and Type: Daily.
Didactic Content: Lectures, seminars, observing procedures and description by faculty. Film reading, clinical sessions.

Evaluation is based on the following criteria: written quiz, activity log, participation and attendance.

Additional Information
Stress didactic orientation in academic setting covering all imaging modalities and subspecialties.